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Check out the latest reviews of my novel, Death Lost Dominion.  The listing combines reviews from all sources –, email, social media, etc.  If you have read the book, I’d be grateful if you would post a review on or send me a message with feedback.  Thank you for your support, it’s greatly appreciated!

Captivating – “From the first few lines I was hooked.  Cliche, but true, “I couldn’t put it down.”  The rub?  I fell for the characters so did not want their story to end.  I related on many levels.  Although I’ve not experienced first hand the brutality unleashed on Matias, Marguerite, and Pia, I’ve suffered great loss.  Their suffering touched me.  It rang true.  It felt real.  Adair is a ‘best kept secret’.  She is a gifted storyteller with an uncanny ability to convey emotions that result from profound trauma with graceful ease.  Nothing sentimental, or trite, the characters live, struggle, and rise up, carrying the reader along with them.  I would love to read more from this writer.”

~ Frances, via (Canada)

Fast Paced Story with Strong Characters Overcoming Evil  “Fast paced story with strong characters overcoming evil and resulting in evil definitely losing.  Hope this author has another book out soon!”

~Susan S., via

My friend Susan Harris recently wrote her first novel Death Lost Dominion – “From the moment I read the first chapter I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!  Her writing creates such a vivid picture of the story she’s telling as if I was watching the story unfold on the big screen.  I was saddened as I came to the last page knowing I wouldn’t be part of the character’s lives anymore.  Incredibly well done Susan!”

~Jo Lyn Unangst, via Facebook, posted on Susan Adair Harris, Author

So Easy to Not Put Down Until Every Word has Been Read and Absorbed – “This book is so well written, so easy to not put down until every word has been read and absorbed.  It’s a testimonial to perseverance, a chance to learn when your own life is unfolding & you don’t think you can stand it for another moment.  The way this book is written provides hope for the reader.  Excellent!”

~ApplePi, via

Courage, Perseverance, and Love! – “Great job!!  What an amazing journey you took us on in the life of one family.  So much tragedy, so much healing, and so much love.  It’s so well written Susan!  Congratulations!  Can’t wait for your next one!”

~Katie Miller, via

Skilled in Bringing Characters to Life – “Ms. Harris is skilled in bringing characters to life.  She has written a sometimes-hard-to-read drama in which a newlywed is subjected to both physical and emotional pain.  The secondary characters (Dorothy, Alan, and Ralph) are flawed as well, but interesting and well conceived.  I didn’t care for Pia as much as I did Marguerite, whose story helps readers see how someone’s life can be changed drastically in a very short time.  Marguerite’s story is one of survival without the white knight.  I found this story haunting, and I couldn’t get it off my mind well after finishing the book.”

~C. Ciccozzi, via

This One Delivers Smiles and Tears – “The title of this beautifully crafted story suggests it is about death.  To this reader, it is clearly a story about the struggles of three lives tainted by violence but sustained by unconditional love.  The author masterfully brings her main characters situations and gives us a view of how they find the inner strength to overcome.  The question of why we are here on this often cruel world does not go unanswered.  Finally, this powerful author teaches us lessons about survival and how to live with the decisions one must make to carry on despite the curves life can throw us purposefully or accidentally.  You will see some of yourself in Pia and remember her for a long time. Susan’s story gives us an exciting and fulfilling reading experience.”

~Ben Boyd, Jr., Author of AZ2016 NEO, The Qixi Virus, and others, via

Impressed and in Awe – “Reading the book and thoroughly enjoying it.  You are so deeply embedded in each character…I love it!  What a book – I am so completely impressed and in awe.”

~Kristin Georgine, via email

A Survivor’s Tale – “The author takes on many difficult themes in this debut novel.  Gifted at dialogue, she writes with sensitivity and sincerity, showing us that it’s possible to survive, and even overcome, a painful past.”

~Sally Rose, Author of A Million Sticky Kisses, via

An Excellent Book – “I loved all the characters in this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it, even when it was sad.  The ending was totally unexpected!  Would love to read more from this author.”

~Bonnie C., via

A Gripping Novel – “This gripping novel had me glued to its pages right from the beginning.  It was definitely a page-turner that had me on the edge of my seat right to the end.  I was riveted by the characters, their struggles, pain and redemption; the fierce determination to find their way through the darkness into the light and toward peace.  The book resonated with me, on a variety of levels, and I was extremely touched by it.  And, while the story itself stuck with me after reading it, it’s been the characters and their plight – their spirit and how they powered through so much that has stayed with me.  I highly recommend this book; especially to those who want to be engrossed in a meaningful story that has the power to change you.”

~Meghan H. Russell, via

Strong Characters – “Susan Harris has built very strong characters in her book that they stayed with me for a while even after I’d finished reading it.  She knows how to transfer unimaginably painful circumstances in to something meaningful and beautiful.  Very creative plot.  I can’t wait to read her next book.”

~Esra G. Beyatli, Author of Unconditional: Walls Within Walls, via

A Rare and Genuine Page-Turner – “This heartfelt story of love, loss, hope and perseverance grabs the reader within the first few pages – I could not put it down.  A quick read with many twists and turns, you’ll immediately find yourself identifying with the characters and becoming immersed in their plights.  Ms. Harris has done a brilliant job of getting the reader to truly care about her characters and their journey.  She proves that in the end, it’s not the challenges in life we face that matter most – rather, it’s how we deal with those challenges and make something of ourselves in spite of them that does.”

~Erik Harris, via

This Book Changes You – “This ‘hard to put down’ book is rich with life and compassion.  It tackles difficult subjects bringing tears and chuckles throughout.  It’s a book you keep thinking about – it doesn’t leave you for quite some time.  Great dialogue.  A very worthy read!”

~Kay, via

Survival – “My husband just finished this book and thinks it is a real “page-turner.”  He thinks the author is a gifted writer able to elicit a variety of deep emotions, both tears and cheers.  The introductions of characters brought them to life and made them memorable throughout the book.  It is a story about survival with lucid descriptions of multiple individuals and their coping mechanisms.  The author’s support of so many persons with various issues from torture, rape, war, PTSD, AIDS, and even the frustration of earning an ABD (all but dissertation) is admirable.  Even the country where the first tragedy occurs is eventually a survivor.”

Here is my review of the same book:  “This debut book, in a sensitive manner, brings the reader into several social justice topics which are not often enough discussed today in novels– rape, torture within a political situation and homosexuality.  How do we deal with these issues today?  Susan’s novel is a story of survival as the various characters interact with others in society.  I recommend the book for readers who desire a sincere view from a gifted author as she writes about how we relate to our fellow humans.  There is hope in the book and I still think about the characters, particularly Marguerite and how she raised her daughter.  It is a “page turner;” hope to read future novels from this new novelist.”

~Stellate, via

A Novel of Hope – “Death Lost Dominion is a novel of hope.  When Marguerite, the protagonist, loses her husband and becomes a victim of rape and torture in Argentina’s military junta, she returns home wounded and pregnant from her rapist.  Undefeated, she keeps the child and raises her daughter with love.  Thus begins the exploration of a well portrayed mother-daughter relationship entangled in love and lies.  Marguerite, like all mothers, makes some mistakes, but ultimately raises a daughter who overcomes her heritage.  There are gems of wisdom here.  My favorite was when Marguerite tells her daughter, “Maybe the world needs your ordinary life.”  That is the uplifting message that the reader is left with; maybe she or he is not Rosa Parks or Gandhi but their life can still make a difference.”

~C. Ludden, Author of The Second Crack, via

Hard to Put it Down – “This is a wonderfully written book about a very difficult story.  I found it hard to put down.  I found myself really caring about the characters and getting caught up in the tragedies of their lives.  Some interesting twists will cause you to think and have great conversation with anyone else who reads the book.  It would be a good book club read!  I recommend this book but don’t expect a light-hearted summer read!  Susan is a good writer…we need to read more by her!”

~Jim, via

Did Not Want the Book to End – “Enjoyed very much.  Did not want the book to end, but could not put it down.  Characters and story line captivate and haven’t had the same reaction of not wanting a book to end since Thorn Birds.  Don’t miss it.  Good Job Susan!!”

~Terri, via

Brought Tears to my Eyes – “This is one of the few books I’ve read in years that actually brought tears to my eyes.  I became engaged by the story and cared about the characters. A professional job!  This is excellent writing – characterization, plot, tempo.  Harris should write more novels.  She has the touch.”

~Idony Lisle, Editor

Incredible Journey – “Harris brings her characters and their relationships to life…What an incredible journey.”

~Judy Veris-Decker

Brilliant Dialogue – “Brilliant dialogue.  I was still thinking about the characters the day after I finished reading the book and wondering what might happen to them next.”

~Jeffrey M. Pill, Film Producer; Owner of Miracle Productions

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