About the Book – The Woman Who Saw Souls

If you could look at people and see their souls, what would you see? Charlotte Banyan is buried beneath a building by a devastating tornado. After her rescue, she fears she’s going mad because her vision and behavior are inexplicably altered. Told from within the minds of the characters, THE WOMAN WHO SAW SOULS stares without blinking at real questions about life and death—questions that defy answers.

For concept ideas when I want to write a novel, I look for an instance of life that intrigues me. This time the process began with a Facebook post that asked something like, “How differently would you treat people if you could see their souls?” I started wondering what would a regular person see, and how would it change the way he or she behaves? I didn’t know how long it would take me to answer my question in the form of a story that I approved as both believable and engaging.

A quiz in Dr. Judith Orloff’s book, The Empath’s Survival Guide, certified me as a full-blown empath. When my spiritually aware friends read my manuscript, they smirked as I protested that I know nothing about empaths or spirits. They said I know more than I realize. To finish this book, I needed all of my intuition and a good dose of their expertise and experience. (I cite a couple of my sources at the end of the book, but to cite them beforehand would be a spoiler.)

At any rate, as I began writing, I struggled to find my voice and feel my way through my story. My main character finally pushed me aside so she could tell her own tale. Other characters eventually followed her lead. They were right. What was happening was, of course, primarily coming from within them—from within their souls. All I had to do was to provide catalysts like a freak tornado and a sociopath to move the growth forward. THE WOMAN WHO SAW SOULS is a thriller/romance/ghost story/family drama.

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