Reviews for The Woman Who Saw Souls

Check out the latest reviews of my novel, The Woman Who Saw Souls.  The listing combines reviews from all sources –, email, social media, etc.  If you have read the book, I’d be grateful if you would post a review on,, or send me a message with feedback.  Thank you for your support, it’s greatly appreciated!

Love your writing style! – “I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED The Woman Who Saw Souls!!! It was most certainly a real page turner. I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it, couldn’t fall back to sleep & ended up finishing it. I hope you’re working on your next book. I love your writing style, the way you develop each character & create so much suspense. KEEP WRITING!!!”

~ J.U., via Facebook

Wonderfully Written! – “I loved this book! Captivating from the very beginning. So well written. Suspenseful, interesting, a different perspective for sure! Glad I bought it!”

~ Amazon Customer, via

Loved this book! – “I really enjoyed this book! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but have always enjoyed mysteries with a touch of the paranormal, and this didn’t disappoint. It was the perfect mix of mystery, engaging characters, intriguing story, and the supernatural. The book was extremely well written yet easy to read. In fact, I had to plan my reading, since once I started I had trouble putting it down! I look forward to more books by this author. Very well done!”

~ Bonnie M., via

Unusual and intriguing novel, great read – “This is one of the best stories I have read in awhile. Completely unpredictable and fascinating. I couldn’t put it down even though I wouldn’t usually be interested in paranormal. This is a must read to the end.”

~Creative Reader, via

Do not pass this book up!!!! Incredible!! – “Susan’s book is incredible. I cannot put it down. While reading this book, you feel like you are there and feel like you know the characters personally. Your emotions are heightened while reading. Do not pass this by.”

~Amazon Customer, via

A soulful read “An exciting and thoughtful book. Adair Harris deftly weaves disparate elements into a cohesive story dealing with death and the afterlife.”

~C. Ludden, via

Beautiful story. – “I just can’t put it down! Beautiful story.”

~Amazon Customer, via

Once I started, I couldn’t stop. – “Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I wasn’t sure what to expect but with every chapter I was pulled in further. Captivating story, interesting topic. Brilliantly written. Susan Harris you are amazing!!!”

~Jim, via

Interesting story…and, so easy to get hooked! – “This captivating novel had me hooked from the very beginning. The characters are vibrant, but incredibly realistic. The depth of their connections tell an intriguing story that begs more questions than there are answers. The book kept me guessing up to the very end, and after reading it, instigated thoughtful and interesting conversation. And, while the story itself has stuck with me, it’s been the bigger question of life and life after death that leaves me pondering. I highly recommend this book; especially to those who want to be actively engaged in the art of story, while asking themselves honest questions about the importance of life and what lies ahead after this life is over.”

~Meghan H. Russell, via