Book Club Specials – The Woman Who Saw Souls

Book Club Special FREEBIE Features!

If you host or participate in a book club and would like to use my latest novel, THE WOMAN WHO SAW SOULS, as a pick, I’m happy to offer special features!

  1. Below is a list of discussion questions written by the author (me!) specifically for this novel.  Hopefully, they will give you plenty to talk about and ideas of other questions you or your group members would like to add.
  2. If you would like to include the author in your discussion, please contact me at  I will try to work out a way to attend your group meeting in person or you can submit questions for me and I will send you answers.  My Internet connection is not reliable, but I may be able to Skype from another location.
  3. If you would like to offer a reading by the author, and if distance doesn’t forbid it, I can present a reading in person. I would be glad to read an excerpt of your choice.




I.   General/philosophical questions:

  1. When neighbors or family are asked about the perpetrator of horrific acts, they frequently say, “It wasn’t like him!” If we accept that human souls can attach to living persons and influence behavior, what does it mean for personal moral responsibility? Is the perpetrator innocent?
  2. If we choose our living circumstances before we’re born either to help ourselves grow and learn or to help others, how does that impact your view of enemies and friends? Is courage actually an act of faith?
  3. Free will gives us choice. How does that relate to theories of intention or attraction that contend we create our own reality with what we expect? Why would we choose bad experiences?
  4. If we can only help others save themselves, then what should helping others look like?
  5. If a person’s soul lives many lives—each in a different body—what would that mean for identities such as gender, race, or culture? Have you ever been drawn to an unfamiliar culture?
  6. If certain souls of the deceased can choose not to “cross over,” what obligation—if any—do the living have to help them let go?
  7. Considering that some cultures celebrate the spirits of the ancestors, why do you think many people feel threatened by a suggestion of reincarnation or discarnates?

II.   Plot specific questions:

  1. Is BB justified in walking away from her friendship? Why or why not?
  2. How is Jim’s pride empowered by his being disabled?
  3. When Charlie chooses to go to Simon is she surrendering to Simon’s will or triumphing over her own?
  4. An ability to feel what others are thinking/feeling somewhat as Charlie does is called empathy. How common do you think that ability is and is it a blessing or a curse? If Mac is empathetic, as well, does that help the relationship?