Reviews for They’re In Your Mind

Check out the latest reviews of my novel, They’re In Your Mind.  The listing combines reviews from all sources –, email, social media, etc.  If you have read the book, I’d be grateful if you would post a review on,, or send me a message with feedback.  Thank you for your support, it’s greatly appreciated!

“It’s a fantastic, unsettling, and timely read. Susan writes with a fluid eloquence that kind of lulls the reader for a time which makes the punches—and there are many—surprisingly powerful. I can’t recommend this book enough…”

~ Frances Sullivan, author

“I loved your book! I have just sat here and read until I finished! You have great courage in addressing current issues. Susan takes people from diverse backgrounds, paints beautiful character portraits, then synchronicity draws them together to   handle unusual and testing circumstances. Challenging their existing belief systems and prejudices, facing circumstances that many of us don’t want to know about, they courageously embrace new persuasions as they struggle towards the light to grow into greater, conscious human beings. As Tutu says, ‘You can’t just talk to make change; you gotta do something.’”

~Heather Carey, Reiki Master—Teacher and practitioner; Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia

“I loved it! This was another page-turner. I loved the characters and the interplay. I felt better after reading it. I truly hope it reaches others as it reached me.”

~Kay Evans, College Director of Holistic Health

“What I liked about They’re in Your Mind was that the author takes current events and social issues and weaves her story around them. In this book she added a    Hawaiian legend of the ‘e’epas. The end result is a novel that makes the reader cringe at times because the issues are so close to home, but in the end there is a light that offers hope for the future.”

~Judy Veris-Decker, author of West of Town

“I’m sure many will relate to your story…it was brilliantly set up….I love romance, and I love seeing people moving from the dark side to the light.”

~Esra Beyatli, author of Walls Within