An Excerpt from Chapter One of THE WOMAN WHO SAW SOULS: “Beneath Time”

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Excerpt from Chapter One: “Beneath Time”

“I dropped to the floor, curling into the tornado crouch I learned in grade school (wouldn’t Miss Hamilton be proud!), huddling beneath the sound of what seemed to be all the gigantic bombers on Earth crashing onto Denver, the police building, and me. The shelving units fell together over me as the building crumbled around me—screaming, bellowing, cracking, and tearing. I remember pulling my collar up over my mouth and squeezing my eyes shut, not wanting to see myself die.”



  1. Susan, I laughed at the Miss Hamilton comment, and my thought was immediately that that was clearly your voice, thru your humor. Seems like to remember a small, almost insignificant detail like pulling up a collar in a bombing makes the memory real.

    • If I can make you chuckle, Ann, I count myself accomplished. It’s wonderful to hear from you!

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