About the Book – They’re In Your Mind

In a distinctly familiar world darkened by wildfires, floods, and deliberate human cruelty, what makes apparently good people condone and even commit evil? Is human nature merely capricious or are other forces at work? THEY’RE IN YOUR MIND is the second in a series of suspenseful novels that expose diverse characters to danger, love, and hate. Are the suggested rationales for their behavior fictive metaphors or real? Should readers be entertained?  Or warned?

This book began during years crowded with real-life social trauma and natural disasters. If I needed an emotional sandbar on which to gain perspective and rest from the flood of despair, I figured others did, too. A friend loaned me The Bowl of Light.* Within, I discovered the concept of the ‘e’epa as described by shaman Hale Kealohalani Makua. Whether or not you accept the ‘e’epa as deceptive psychic entities–an explanation I transplanted as a possibility–or prefer to use them as a metaphor for degrading social forces, they provide an anchor point in my novel for trying to comprehend how good people can condone and even commit bad behavior. We are all comprised of bits of good and evil. The trick is to incline the mix toward the positive as consistently as we can manage.

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